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Inspect your pipes with Sonar LiDAR CCTV Pipe Penetrating Radar sensor technology.

Advanced Pipeline Condition Assessment Services

Pipeline Assessments

Create digital doubles for your linear assets, plan your sliplining projects, determine pitting and areas of stress.

Void Analysis

Detect voids, conduct a soil stability analysis and determine grout coverage.


Asset Management

Get accurate wall thickness measurements, determine remaining useful life of assets, measure sediment and reinforcement cover.

Customized Solutions

SewerVUE's in-pipe multi-sensor and pipe penetrating radar technology for any inspection service.

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What is a Multi-Sensor Inspection System?

Advanced condition assessment is the application of industry leading measurement technologies for the purpose of objectively determining the condition of pipe infrastructure.

SewerVUE Technology deploys 4 sensors: CCTV, LiDAR, Sonar, and PPR. These sensors are most commonly deployed via ROVS or custom built inspection Floats. The SewerVUE Multi-Sensor Inspection System float is used in pipes that contain large amounts of flow, while the 4th Generation Surveyor tracked robot is specifically designed to deploy our high frequency radar antennae. The sensor data is aggregated into a unique 4-in-1 viewer using our proprietary software, and analyzed by professional Geophysists with over 40 years of cumulative industry experience. View More

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

Find problems before they cost you

The Surveyor’s industry-first PPR allows you to see through the pipe, revealing internal defects and bedding issues. With detailed profiles of pipe walls, cracks and voids you will have the information you need to objectively assess the remaining service life of your pipe, and prevent catastrophic failure due to sinkhole development. View More

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Surprise! Rebar isn't Straight

Accurately visualize rebar cover before it becomes exposed

It may come as a surprise that rebar isn't always in the center of the concrete. It can be right up against the inner wall, leading to incorrect assessments. Corrosion of as little as 0.25 can cause rebar to become exposed. SewerVUE Technology's revolutionary PPR allows you to accurately and objectively determine rebar cover and wall thickness, empowering you to make the right choice regarding the service life of your pipe. Unlike CCTV, there is no guess work! View More