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SewerVue's Long range pipe inspection technology with CCTV, LiDar, SOnar, and our Pipe Penetrating Radar.

Introducing SewerVUE’s long range pipe inspection technology: the fourth generation Surveyor. This tracked robot is equipped with high definition CCTV, LiDAR, Sonar, and our revolutionary Pipe Penetrating Radar (PPR.) Combined with state of the art collection and analysis software, and the ability to deploy up to 6000 ft, the Surveyor is ready to tackle the toughest challenges and get actionable information fast.

The mounted sub-millimeter LiDAR scanners will provide an accurate model of the inner pipe surface. With SewerVUE’s analysis software you will be given a clear picture of the inner pipe wall, the dimensions of any cracks, and all unforeseen anomalies.

The Surveyor’s unique PPR system allows you to see through the pipe, revealing internal defects and bedding issues. With detailed profiles of your walls, cracks and voids you will have the information you need to accurately assess the remaining service life of your pipe, and prevent catastrophic failure due to sinkhole development.

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