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The SewerVUE MPIS Float puts state of the art pipeline inspection technology in your hands.

The SewerVUE MPIS Float
  • LiDAR, sonar, and CCTV all in one platform
  • Standard 3380 ft. (1000 m) range, but limited only by tether length
  • Inspect any pipe 18 inches (450 mm) or larger, no bypass pumping required
  • Deployable throught a 20 inch (500 mm) manhole

Generate detailed 3-D point clouds to accurately determine ovality, sediment volume, and corrosion. Detailed enough for slipline design.

Multi-sensor data

With a single, easy-to-deploy platform, you can eliminate guesswork from water and wastewater pipe inspection. In a single run, the SewerVUE MPIS Float can gather enough data to tell you the exact shape and size of your pipe, as well as detailed geometric information about sediment volume, ovality, and features. With MPIS data, SewerVUE can generate a detailed report containing a high-density 3-D point cloud, LiDAR cross sections, a full PACP report as well as 360-degree video of the pipe's interior, and more deliverables as needed. Go beyond the typical inspection.

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