SewerVUE's Bobber Float


Float Features

The SewerVUE Bobber is the free-floating multi-sensor pipe inspection tool designed for advanced pipeline condition assessment. SewerVUE’s Bobber Float features tether-less, DataVUE recording software, sonar imaging, HD CCTV and video overlay output with a $2/ft Data processing system.

The Bobber hardware features sonar technology that utilizes sound propagation to create an image of the pipe’s inner surface below the flow line. With pipe profiling sonar, SewerVUE can measure sediment volume with sub-centimeter accuracy. In addition, the Bobber Float features HD CCTV pipeline inspection abilities to identify any visual anomalies during inspections.

The Bobber is SewerVUE’s standard sonar inspection equipment. It features MSI sensors as well as DataVUE, a water and sewer video inspection software that enables you to view the data output in real-time and check the connectivity status from all sensors. SewerVUE’s Bobber Float is the optimal pipe inspection method for your data collection needs.

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