Inspect your pipes through Sonar. LiDAR. CCTV. Pipe Penetrating Radar.

Our team has completed projects for municipalities, mining corporations and engineering firms, inspecting even the most challenging linear assets. SewerVUE is a world leader in multi-sensor inspection technologies using LiDAR, sonar, HD-CCTV and our pioneered technology pipe penetrating radar (PPR).


Meet the SewerVUE Team

SewerVUE technology has grown to be one of the leading pipeline companies worldwide. From the office to the fieldwork, we want you to meet the team behind SewerVUE. We work with you to ease your pipe inspection process and problem solve any challenge. Make better decisions managing your critical pipe infrastructures with us today.

Csaba Ekes President
Nicholas Goertz VP of Marketing and Sales
Jiri Vejvoda Electrical Engineer
Craig Colman Software Developer
Hamid Matar Project Manager
Michael Kossin Scientific Technologist
Anant Rai Technical Sales Representative
Amrit Cheema Admin & Marketing Assistant
Fernando Brana Sales Executive
Arpit Madan Sales Representative