SewerVUE Submersible ROV

SewerVUE's Submersible ROV

Surveyor Features

  • Sonar Imaging
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • CCTV


SewerVUE’s Submersible ROV helps asset owners save extensive amounts of time and money spent on de-watering and re-watering pipes during inspections. To learn more about the submersible ROV in action, check out our Cobin Dam Case Study

SewerVUE’s underwater ROV offers a wide variety of inspection solutions. This ROV can inspect fully submerged pipes ranging from 13.5 inches and up. SewerVUE can equip this ROV with Ultrasonic thickness testing gauges to measure the wall thickness of metallic pipes such as steel, ductile iron and cast iron pipe. For all other pipes and materials such as siphons and penstocks, the SSV can measure the internal geometry using state-of-the-art profiling sonar.

The SSV can inspect up to 1 km from a single access point, with options to inspect up to 10 km in certain applications. SewerVUE makes use of unique inertial measurements to be able to create truly accurate digital doubles of these critical assets.

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