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SewerVUE offers a range of inspection services to get you to where you need to be.

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Advanced Condition Assessment

SewerVUE has grown to be one of the leading pipeline inspection companies worldwide. SewerVUE offers Advanced Multi-Sensor Inspection Technology with unique sensor fusion, enabling accurate digital doubles of critical pipe infrastructures. SewerVUE deploys traditional CCTV, LiDAR, Sonar, and Pipe Penetrating Radar via remotely operated vehiles or custom built inspection platforms.

Pipeline Assessments

Digital Twinning
Create digital doubles of your linear assets and load millimtre precision point clouds into your modeling programs to assess structural integrity. Create survey grade geo-referenced point clouds and plan your next capital improvement project with confidence.
Sliplining Applications
Determine choke points and plan your sliplining projects without complications.
Steel Penstock Corrosion Analysis
Determine pitting and find areas of stress.
point cloud

Void Analysis

Detection of Formed Voids
See beyond the walls and locate voids forming outside your pipes with PPR. Catch voids before they become sinkholes!
Soil Stability Analysis
Detect pockets of fluid after pipe bursting projects.
Grout Analysis
Determine grout coverage behind a post-rehabilitated pipe with PPR.
ppr data

Asset Management

Survey and Baseline
Get a baseline wall thickness measurement with multi-sensor or PPR technology.
Comparative Analysis
Compare inspections to previous surveys to quantify how your pipes are changing in time. Determine the remaining useful life of your linear assets.
Sediment Volume
Measure the amount of sediment and plan cleaning accordingly.
Measure Reinforcement Cover
Accurately measure the amount of concrete between your reinforcement and inner pipe wall with Pipe Penetrating Radar.