Designed to visualize, verify and record data in two clicks.

SewerVUE’s sensor recording software, DataVUE is designed to visualize, verify and record data effortlessly. The data acquisition is conducted by the pre-installed software while displaying the data output and connectivity status from every sensor. The operator can easily check the status of each connector at any time, making data recording an easy experience. Minimal training is required for your team to complete data collection for any inspection.

DataVUE’s purpose is to receive sensor data for verification, which is displayed on the sewer inspection viewer’s interface. In the event of sensor malfunction or disconnection, DataVUE continues recording from all available sensors, which translates into a more continuous data stream with fewer errors.

If the crew responsible for maintaining quality control of the data recording is away from the inspection site, with some technical expertise, it is also possible to support remote data acquisition from another location.

Velodyne LiDAR data window     Hokuyo LiDAR data window
Yoctopuce IMU data window     Yoctopuce Alimeter data window

Using the pipeline inspection software, DataVUE, is as simple as pressing record, checking the connectivity status of all the sensors and clicking stop once the inspection is completed. Once the data recording has been concluded, the session can be exported onto a local storage device and sent to SewerVUE to be processed.

Exporting inspection data window