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SewerVUE Technology is one of the leading advanced pipe inspection companies worldwide. We have been an industry leader in sewer technology, using the latest multi sensors. Over the years, SewerVUE has been invited to the most prestigious trade shows in the water and wastewater inspection industry to spread our knowledge and proprietary condition assessment method, Pipe Penetrating Radar.

Our team has completed projects for mining corporations, municipalities, and engineering firms, inspecting the most challenging linear assets.

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Papers & Presentations

  • 2018 | Pipe Penetrating Radar: Developing Predictive Models for Effective Asset Management - RMNASTT
  • 2018 | Application of Pipe Penetrating Radar for Asbestos Cement Pipe Condition Assessment - Pipelines
  • 2018 | New Developments in Multi-sensor Condition Assessment Technologies for Large Diameter Pipe Infrastructure - Pipelines
  • 2018 | Non-destructive Condition Assessment Technology for Asbestos Cement Pipes - No-Dig
  • 2018 | Pipe Penetrating Radar In-pipe Application of GPR - GPR
  • 2017 | New developments in Multi-sensor Condition Assessment using LiDAR, Sonar, and CCTV - Pipelines
  • 2017 | Application of High Frequency Pipe Penetrating Radar in AC Pipe - No-Dig
  • 2016 | Quantitative Pipe Condition Assessment with Pipe Penetrating Radar - No-Dig 2016
  • 2014 | Applications of Pipe Penetrating Radar for Advanced Pipe Condition Assessments: the Clark Regional Wastewater District (WA) Case Study
  • 2013 | Advanced Condition Assessments: The Benefits of Using Pipe Penetrating Radar
  • 2012 | Condition Assessments using Pipe Penetrating Radar: the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District – Denver, CO Harvard Gulch Interceptor Case Study
  • 2012 | Combined application of Pipe Penetrating Radar and LIDAR for large diameter pipe inspection
  • 2011 | Completing Condition Assessments using In-pipe GPR as Pipe Penetrating Radar
  • 2011 | GPR Goes Underground: Pipe Penetrating Radar
  • 2008 | Ground Penetrating Radar Evaluation of Concrete Tunnel Linings
  • 2007 | GPR: A New Tool For Structural Health Monitoring of Infrastructure