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Snakeskin Data

For the most comprehensive and high-quality LiDAR data, SewerVUE offers a unique approach by providing multi-sensor data through our advanced intensity reports. Unlike relying solely on traditional in-pipe video footage, SewerVUE Technology's ROV combines integrated sensors that can identify points of interest that might otherwise go unnoticed. LiDAR results are presented in the form of fold-out "snakeskin" charts. These visually charts provide a flattened representation of the pipe's internal geometry, with distance plotted along the x-axis and clock positions along the y-axis.

Our intensity reports, often referred to as "snakeskin" reports, offer an insight into the pulse intensity of LiDAR returning across the pipe's surface. This innovative technology allows us to identify periodic anomalies throughout the pipeline. In the example report provided, we detected anomalies not only at the pipe's joints, as expected, but also irregular curves exhibiting the same intensity profile as the joints. This indicated the presence of unintended cracks in the pipe's concrete structure. These anomalies were only confirmed through video footage from our ROV after the LiDAR data had alerted us to their existence. Visual inspection alone could not reveal the true nature of these irregularities.

What sets us apart is the distinct similarity between the LiDAR profiles of these cracks and the pipeline's joints, confirming our ability to detect geometric deviations rather than just variations in surface reflectivity. Cracks of this nature stand out prominently in LiDAR data, as they manifest as regions of significantly heightened intensity and regions of diminished intensity at various points along the crack, as clearly demonstrated in the snakeskin image above. The areas of diminished intensity coincide with points where the crack's geometry deflects the LiDAR beam away from the receiver. In contrast, the areas displaying increased light return intensity result from the crack's geometry focusing light from multiple points within the crack back into the LiDAR's receiver, much like how curved reflectors concentrate radio waves collected over a broad area onto receivers in parabolic antennas.

Sample Reporting

Snakeskin Data Snakeskin Data

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SewerVUE can tackle big jobs in some of the toughest places on Earth, and get actionable data quickly. At SewerVUE, we use industry leading LiDAR technology to deliver unmatched insights into pipeline conditions, ensuring the utmost precision and reliability in your assessment. Trust us for comprehensive LiDAR data that goes beyond the surface and detects hidden issues, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your pipeline inspections.

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