See Below The Flow High with MSI Technology

PPR Data

Before initiating any rehabilitation effort, gaining a comprehensive understanding of pipeline conditions is vital. Multi-sensor generated, 3D point cloud results provide a detailed, three-dimensional representation of pipeline infrastructure, enabling precise assessments and informed rehabilitation strategies.

This technology offers a high-resolution view, identifying anomalies, measuring dimensions accurately, and mapping the entire pipeline network comprehensively. While traditional visual methods of inspection limit you from seeing the full picture, 3D point clouds can detect corrosion, wall thickness, or structural weaknesses CCTV misses. Utilize data-driven decision-making for strategic and cost-efficient project planning. By optimizing resource allocation and enhancing safety through hazard identification, 3D point cloud results ensure a resilient and sustainable pipeline infrastructure. Invest in knowledge, invest in precision—let 3D point cloud technology guide your pipeline rehabilitation project towards success from the outset. Click here to view an example.

SewerVUE Technology

SewerVUE can tackle big jobs in some of the toughest places on Earth, and get actionable data quickly. Our methods are both accurate and cost-effective. By using remotely operated vehicles to gather data, these methods also eliminate the hazards of man entry surveying methods.

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