Determine The Remaining Structural Integraty Of Your Pipe with PPR Technology

Accurate and reliable, SewerVUE's PPR reporting provides essential measurements for assessing the remaining wall thickness of pipes made from asbestos cement (AC) or concrete. This data ensures that you have a clear understanding of the structural integrity and durability of your pipes, guiding maintenance and replacement decisions to guarantee long-term performance. Early detection is key to preventing catastrophic failures caused by sinkholes. SewerVUE's PPR reporting empowers you with the ability to identify sinkholes at their earliest stages, allowing you to take proactive measures to mitigate risks and protect your infrastructure from costly damage.

  • Detecting Grout Coverage Behind Rehabilitated Pipes: SewerVUE's PPR technology is invaluable for verifying the quality of grout coverage behind rehabilitated pipes. This quality control step ensures the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process, enhancing pipe performance and extending their operational life.
  • Finding Pockets of Drill Fluid After Pipe Bursting Applications: In post-pipe bursting applications, locating pockets of residual drill fluid is crucial. SewerVUE's PPR reporting technology helps uncover these obstructions, enabling their prompt removal and ensuring seamless pipe functionality.
  • Finding Missing Bricks: Missing bricks within your pipes can signal structural issues. With our PPR reporting, locating these gaps becomes straightforward. Timely identification of missing bricks enables quick repairs, preventing further deterioration.
  • Detecting Air Pockets in HDPE Pressure Mains from the Surface: Air pockets within high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pressure mains can compromise their performance. SewerVUE's PPR technology detects these pockets, allowing for corrective measures to maintain pressure main integrity effectively.
  • Measuring PVC Pipe Over-Insertion: Over-insertion of PVC pipes can lead to inefficiencies and performance issues. Our PPR technology measures the extent of over-insertion, enabling adjustments to optimize pipe function, preventing costly problems.

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SewerVUE Technology

SewerVUE's PPR reporting is the comprehensive solution for assessing the condition of your pipes, regardless of material or application. With our technology, you gain the insights necessary to make informed decisions, prioritize maintenance, and safeguard your underground infrastructure. Ensure the longevity and reliability of your pipes, contact us today!

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