Base Sonar and LiDAR Video Output

The Mini Float includes DataVUE recording software, CCTV, and Overlayed Video Output with a fee-less data processing system. SewerVUE’s standard video output software system makes it easy to visualize any pipe profile with the 2-in-1 sewer inspection viewer platform with side by side data output and video for your sonar inspection.

Video Output

Standard Video Output
CCTV and Overlayed Video Output

The CCTV sewer inspection software, DataVUE, features video output and instant reporting data capabilities. The 2-in-1 pipeline inspection software can quickly measure and analyze your pipe inspections with automatic LiDAR data output above the flow line and Sonar data output below the flow line.

DataVUE enables quick data reporting for any point of the inspection video instantly.

Data Legend

Data Legend
Data Legend for LiDAR and Sonar data