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Industry Leading Large-Diameter Pipe Inspection

SewerVUE’s team of expert engineers has helped pioneer large-diameter pipe inspection technology with innovations such as pipe-penetrating radar and multi-sensor inspections to ensure our partners and clients have reliable, comprehensive data to make proper and well-informed decisions when it comes to maintaining pipelines.

With the data collected from our self-navigating surveyors, we can detect voids, get accurate wall thickness measurements, determine the remaining useful life of assets, and measure sediment and reinforcement cover. We will also be able to create digital doubles for your linear assets, plan your slip-lining projects, and determine pitting and areas of stress.


SewerVUE’s cutting-edge technology includes multi-sensor inspections, pipe-penetrating radar, and customs soloutions that will ensure a comprehensive analysis of your pipes.


When conducting rehabilitation on your pipes, have the security of going into your projects with all the data you need.


Preserve your city’s important infrastructure. Save yourself from environmental disasters, costly rehabilitation efforts, and prolonged road closures.

Find Problems Before They Cost You

The maintenance and inspection of urban pipelines are critical for properly functioning a city's infrastructure. However, it is unclear when these essential pipelines were comprehensively inspected. The absence of regular inspections raises concerns about potential pipeline failures and their significant implications. Neglecting the assessment of city pipelines can result in severe consequences, including residential flooding, road closures, and the need for extensive and expensive infrastructure repairs.

Furthermore,the existing CCTV systems used for inspecting smaller pipes are inadequate for capturing damage in larger pipes, and alternative equipment options are prohibitively costly. Therefore, addressing the challenge of cost-effective inspection methods for larger urban pipelines is crucial to ensure the integrity and reliability of the city's infrastructure.

Prevention Maintenance Saves You Time & Costly Mistakes

SewerVUE, a leading industry pioneer in pipeline inspection, offering an array of cutting-edge services and technologies to ensure accuracy and reliability in assessing the integrity of pipelines. By using pipe-penetrating radar (PPR), multi-sensor inspections (MSI), and custom solutions, SewerVUE empowers clients with substantial qualitative data, enabling them to make well-informed decisions while optimizing cost-saving measures for the city's critical infrastructure




Purchase, Finance, or Rent

Whether you are looking to purchase equipment to use long-term, or have a coming-up project that calls for a short-term rental, SewerVUE has your back with our rent, finance, and purchase options. Contact our sales team today to get a quote.

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