SewerVUE Sensor Embedded Floats

MPIS Float Options

SewerVUE technology designed three multi-sensor pipe inspection platforms: MPIS Mini Float, MPIS Regular Float, and the MPIS Large Float. Designed for easy, quantitative assessment, ranging in different hardware features, sensors, and software to accommodate for your advanced pipe inspection needs.

Mini Float


Regular Float


Large Float


Float Features

SewerVUE’s long range pipe inspection technology combines state of the art data collection and analysis with proprietary processing and software. SewerVUE's sensor inspection tools can be accommodated on any Float platform, ranging from HD-CCTV, accurate 3D LiDAR, Sonar Imaging, and our patented technology, Pipe Penetrating Radar. Floats can be fully submerged in water and waste water. The sonar data provides pipe profile below the flow line together with sediment depth and volume. This can be combined with LiDAR readings to give a full view of the pipe.

Inspection reports provide integrated and quantitative corrosion and debris measurements, 360 degree virtual pan/tilt/zoom function, video, laser and sonar flats.

Easily visualize, verify, and record data with a click of a button with DataVUE sensor recording software, a user-friendly platform that anyone can use! View your data in real-time and check all connectivity of your sensors.

Gain the freedom to perform inspections with a SewerVUE Float today!

Designed for easy and quantitative condition assessments

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